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Once again the Bad-ass Blasphemous Boozy Bards will entertain with Midsummer’s Night Dream, Thursday night, so be there. Get ready for fun!

Waitress with Beers

Oberon as the Mad Hatter
Leyela Winter Titania as The Queen of Hearts
Jessica Calderon Theseus as King of Hearts
Diana Deville Egeus as Mock Turtle 
Amy Davidson Hunter Helena as Eat Me Alice
Gretchen Noel Blackwell Hermia as Drink Me Alice
Kari Wagner Lysander as Tweedle Dee
Amy Fritts Demetrius as Tweedle Dum
Chrissi Tully Bottom as Knave of Hearts
Donald J Hawk Quince/fairy as White Rabbit
Mike Brustad as Lute/fairy Dormouse 
Amber Fitzpatrick as Moonlight/fairy Caterpillar 
Dave Szewczuk as Wall/fairy Humpty Dumpty
Adam Cage as Puck/Lion Cheshire Cat 
DeeDee Brustad

The Muses on the Road

Soul-siblings & beloved community singer-songwriters come together to rock your world: song shaman Ginger Doss, groove goddess Lynda Millard, blues priestess Renée Janski, and pixie bard S. J. Tucker! There will be rock. There will be jazz & blues. There will be truth, tears, laughter, and four-part harmony. Join us for a multi-instrumental, connection-driven performance like no other, featuring original songs by each band member, as well as old favorites brought to new life. Get your magic & your dancing shoes on, and let’s do this.

The Muses.jpg

Tarte Nouveau Presents: 
Witch Please Season 4
Spill the Tea

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